Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Setting up a Twitter Profile for your brand – 4 tips for success.

So you have signed up for a twitter profile for your business. What next I hear you ask? Follow these 5 steps and you will have a profile that looks great, encourages people to follow you and a place where you can engage with customers and potential customers alike. If you are happy with your brand page you and would like to find out how I used twitter to gain more followers you can read that article here -

Twitter name:
You should pick a twitter name that represents your brand, ideally this should be your company however this isn’t always possible as there are so many users on twitter. For a more detailed overview of picking the perfect name for your brand profile visit a previous blog I have posted. -

Your Bio should be optimised for search and give users of twitter a good indicator of what your business is about, after all this will be one of the first things a user will see on your profile and in search results. You can find a more detailed over view here -

Profile Photo:
Your profile photo should be something that is instantly recognisable to your brand, a company logo is your best bet, If you don’t have one of these then you could also use a photograph of the head of your company. This will give your profile a personal touch, although it may seem tempting to upload an animated icon to stand out from other users, this shouldn’t be done as it tends to annoy twitter users. You can find the results of my research into this subject here

Your background should be designed to be synonymous with your brand, you should look at it as your shop window, a space where you can advertise your website, special offers and products / services. For a more detailed overview of this topic you can visit one of my other blog posts here.

Tip* Do not set up an automatic message to anybody that follows you. It has become apparent through research and conversations that people find this to be a real turn off. 
You can find results of a discussion about this topic here -

We hope you find this information useful. You can gain a free profile for your business by visiting – It will help you gain followers, appear higher in searches and ultimately improve your online web presence.

The socialjamm Team

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