Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Social Olympics 2012 - 'The Twitter Games'

The Olympic Torch will be passing through my small City of Chester today, with thousands of spectators set to flock to see it, it got me wondering how many people will be taking photos and uploading them to social networking sites.

There is no doubt about it the Olympics is a huge event, and it’s the first time that anybody from almost anywhere in the world can see what its like to experience the passing of the torch from a spectators viewpoint, thanks to the people who are utilising social networks to share their experience.

This you would think would be a very exciting time to see the Olympics stars from the Olympic stadium in London, from the viewpoint of a fan, however this will not be the case, as fans and volunteers will not be allowed to tweet, post videos to YouTube or use any other form of social networking to share their experience at the games. The Olympic committee issued this statement “Visitors to London 2012 will be forbidden from posting photos and videos on social media networks.” – So much for calling it the ‘twitter games’,

The rules for volunteers are as follows:

Not to disclose their location :
So using sites like 4square will be out of the question.

Not to get involved in detailed discussion about the Games Online
Basically the 70,000 volunteers are unable to voice their own opinion of the games on social networks

The only way they can share Olympic information is by re-tweeting or passing on official London 2012 postings.

Personally I think this is a great shame, as the Olympics in my mind is about unifying everybody giving people a chance to support their countries with friendly sporting rivalry.

However with all of this being said, I still think that this will be the first time where we see the whole world turned in to their TV’s AND their social media devices sharing their opinions and and voicing their support.

 I will also make a prediction that twitter interaction will peak when Usain Bolt runs the 100meter sprint.

What are your feelings about the Olympics and Social media, and do you have any of your own predictions? I’d love to know so please post in the comment box below!

The socialjamm team.
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