Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The History of Pro Evolution Soccer and how playing online improves your game - Guest Blogger (Ambidextrous - Pro Expert)

Pro Evolution Soccer or "Pro" to some, and "PES" to many has been with us for over 14 years, if we date back to its original version - Internation Superstar Soccer.

Pro Evolution Soccer, and it's rival Fifa have been revolutionised by online play, and the fact you can hone your skills against anyone, online at anytime. This brings me to the point of the article.

In order for your game to improve, you need to delve deeper into the game and gain a deeper understanding than the artificial intelligence the console and compact disc can offer you. You can practise offline, and against the computer for as long as you like - these skills are non-transferrable to the online world so many play and love. The principal remains the same through-out many titles including Call of Duty, Battlefield and Gran Turismo.

The later editions of these titles have brought multiplayer online play to the forefront of it's USP's, with many people from all over the world enjoying both the challenge and uniqueness of playing against like-minded people. After all, the predictability of a scripted campaign mode will have you sitting back in your chair rather than forward while you admire the game on a graphical level – which of course is fine, if you do not intend on being successful when playing against other humans.

It really hits home with where you stand once you play online – those are who interested and enjoy playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on all formats can register at www.pesrankings.com for official tournaments ran by the games official sponsor. Prizes are often on offer, with tournaments concluding to an Official Championship. Tournaments are organised by a “host” to sustain fair play and most nights all the players in the event join a chat room through mIRC – a chat relay client which allows you to connect to servers and join “rooms” which allow you to converse with your competitors.

Those who finish high enough on the rankings league table are offered the chance to play in the invite-only UK final often ran from Wembley, Old Trafford or a major stadium based in the UK. Following that, the elite gamers from the UK are then invited to represent the UK on a European basis, where Pesrankings will fund an all expenses trip including hotels , flights and spending money to the European destination of Konami’s choice which is where the most coveted prize in Pro Evolution Soccer is contested for – European Champion. There has to be a winner.

“The first rule of any game - YOU CAN ONLY GET SMARTER BY PLAYING A SMARTER OPPONENT” – Name the film.

Dex Kord - Guest Blogger Ambidextrous

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