Monday, 5 December 2011

How to set up an optimised Linkedin profile page - Part 1

Linkedin is the largest social media network for professionals boasting a staggering 135million+ members, a figure that can’t be (and shouldn’t be) ignored. It is essentially a platform that allows you to network with other professionals, connect to them, share knowledge and market yourself and your business.

Today we will be focussing on setting up and optimising your Linkedin profile.
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Your first step to becoming successful on Linkedin is to fill out your profile with relevant and up to date information:

Tip 1 – Use your full name.
Simple, I know, but it’s professional and will ensure that people can find you when they search for you. Keep the nicknames between you and your friends.

Tip 2 – Your professional headline should say exactly what you do.
Again I’m stating the obvious but you will be surprised how many people leave this blank. Your job title gives you credibility and research proves that this is the place that people on Linkedin look at first as this is what professionals (especially recruiters) are most interested in. Ideally it should be Your job title and the current company you Work For e,g. ‘Online Marketing Manager at Joe Bloggs’

Tip 3- Your Profile picture should ideally be a professional headshot of you smiling.
First impressions count - You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt would you?...Unless of course you live in Hawaii. Keep the holiday photos away from here.
These tips will ensure that you are easily searchable and recognised for who you are and what you do professionally!

We will continue on how to set up and optimise your Linkedin page with 3 more useful tips tomorrow.

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