Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to set up an optimised Linkedin Profile Page - Part 3 (The Skills Section)

In our last post 'How to set up an optimised Linkedin Profile Page - Part 2' we discussed how to optimise your page for searches on Linkedin and Google by claiming your custom (vanity) profile URL, boosting your specialities section with key-words and filling out your entire work history using key words.

In this post we will be concentrating on the ‘Skills’ Section and how you can optimise it for searches based on your skills and the ‘skills and expertise’ search feature on Linkedin.

Fill out the Skills Sections

The Skills section is basically a set of key-words that you can add to your Linkedin profile to make it simple for Linkedin to index your page based on your skills, thus making it easier for people to search for you based on them.

Filling out this section is important as Linkedin has a search facility dedicated solely to skills and expertise, a person can login to this section and and search for people with certain skills e.g. ‘social media marketing’ and a list of people with that specific skill will appear in the results.

Ensuring that you give yourself the best opportunity to appear in these results is key as it means people who are searching for somebody with your skills can find you, the potential being that they would like to connect to you to do business, offer you a service that may improve your business or offer you a new career!

Filling out the skills section is simple. You click the ‘add a skill’ button on your profile and literally type in your skills e.g ‘social media marketing’. You will more than likely see a drop down menu appear with a list of similar skills. The more you add the more you are likely to appear in the search results.

*Don’t worry if a certain skill doesn’t appear on the drop down list it just means the current Linkedin system doesn’t recognise it, it doesn’t however stop people searching that skill and finding you based on it!

A good tip is to search for skills you possess and see who is top of that list to see what other skills they have to ensure keep up with market trends!

Our next post will focus on displaying your website links correctly and optimising your personal information.

Now start adding your skills! You will be surprised at how many you have and can actually list once you get started!

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