Thursday, 19 January 2012

Virgin Media 'Keep Up' Campaign uses Twitter as a launch Pad

Virgin Media have partnered up with the fastest man on the planet,
Usain Bolt, to help promote their new 'Keep Up' campaign which offers
Virgin Media customers their fastest ever broadband.

The ad campaign caught my eye last Saturday during the ad breaks on
Take Me Out on ITV, where short clips were shown of Usain in 'costume'
which consisted of him sporting a blond beard and pretending to be
Richard Branson, the full ad was finally shown andthe message became

With everyone jumping on the olympics bandwagon I thought this campaign
stood out as a fun and unique way of promoting Virgin Media and the
campaign is also being run across all platforms including TV, online,
print and social media which I haven't really seen done very effectively
in the past.

The digital campaign is what stood out most for me, as the campaign was
promoted on the YouTube homepage on Monday with a dedicated channel set
up featuring all of the videos. They also used Twitter as a launch pad,
creating the account @i_am_R_Branson with a link to the YouTube channel
and also having Richard Branson and Usain Bolt tweeting from their
personal accounts using the #iamrbranson.

Overall it was a fun and unique way of promoting what would otherwise
have been a standard celebrity endorsed advertising campaign which
stood out enough to get coverage across a number of mainstream media
sites including the Daily Mail, Guardian, Marketing Week, The Mirror
and Digital Spy.

You can check the YouTube channel out here -

Thanks to our Guest Blogger - Saf

The socialjamm team.


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