Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The LinkedIn ‘follow company' button... what does it mean for your company and how can you optimise your company profile page.

Linkedin has followed suit and joined social network giants Facebook and twitter by finally designing a ‘follow company’ button.

A LinkedIn rep says the new button “marks the first phase of LinkedIn’s follower ecosystem strategy that will unfold over the coming weeks,” though she did not offer any further details. Internal research shows that 70% of LinkedIn’s members follow or would follow a company on LinkedIn and 60% expect industry insights as well as news from the companies that they follow.

The button is similar to facebook ‘like’ button with users receiving automatic updates from companies in their feeds once they ‘follow’ your company.

This is exciting news for your brand giving you a more prominent and recognised stream to update users of any exciting news you would like to share about your company or the industry you are in on LinkedIn.

Your company profile:

The arrival of this button also means that if you choose to implement this feature on your website, Blog etc that you must ensure that your company profile is looking sharp, optimised and up-to-date, otherwise you risk being un-followed and lose out on potential business.

You should ensure that you fill out the following pages:


This should give the user a general overview of your company, it could also include an offer that you are currently promoting. This is also a place where a user will see your latest update, so again ensure that the content is relevant to your audience.


This page should sell your services using the text boxes and the banner options. The banners allow you to upload 3 images that highlight current offers and your services in a graphic format. They are clickable so I prefer to use them to show a current offer that we are running with a direct link to a landing page on my website.

Information you share:

If people visit your page and see that you are not sharing anything of relevance or up-to-date industry knowledge they will fast become dis-engaged and unfollow.

*Linkedin recently cancelled the ‘automatically post from twitter’ service, because users found that their feeds where being bombarded and over run by people maliciously spamming and posting and exhausting amount of updates, so bare that in mind and only share information that is relevant or worth sharing with your audience.

So make sure you keep on top your Linkedin company profile and start thinking about what you can share with your audience, add the button to your Website and Blog to gain as many relevant followers as possible to increase your companies following and awareness.

The socialjamm team.


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