Monday, 2 April 2012

4 Facebook timelime tips for your brand page

Timeline has now officially rolled out for brand pages and many administrators have still not realised the potential flaws of not having been ready for the switchover. To ensure your brand page is ready for the viewing public and potential customers you should ensure you should implement the following 4 tips.

Revisit your past:

Timeline allows users to easily search through your facebook history, so a post from a year ago was unlikely to be seen by a user on the old version of facebook. The first thing you should do is go through your profile and delete any unwanted posts that do not add any value or anything that does not reperesent your brand as it stands today,

Add important moments of your brands history to your timeline:

Timeline for brand pages is basically the story of your brand, so you should give your viewers key moments (milestones) of your history such as when your business opened, office moves, key expansions etc. This gives a user an insight to how your business has grown and developed through time.

Draw attention to offers, key posts:

Timeline allows you to highlight posts, which means that a post will be full width of your page covering both columns. This works great with graphics, drawing users towards them. A great tip is to match the artwork to your cover image, keeping a continuous theme throughout your page and strengthening your brand. Naturally you want highlighted posts to stand out, so ensure that you do not over use them throughout your page.

Fanta does this extremely well:

Pin special offers:

Similar to the highlighting feature you can also ‘pin’ posts to the top of your page for 7 days. The post will remain at the top of your page regardless of anything g else that you post. This is extremely useful when you are promoting a special offer or alternatively looking to hire new staff!

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