Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Twitpic Finally Launch Their Photo-Sharing App For IPhone

The people behind the service that allows you to share photos on twitter before twitter did, have released their first app. The app allows users to edit photos and add filters before sharing them to twitter. It is currently only available for Iphone users, with an android version proposed for release in the coming months.

The popular service started in 2008 has over 35 million users, only 15 million users less Instagram, the photo editing and sharing tool acquired by Facebook early this month for $1 Billion.

It is widely known that twitter wanted to acquire Instagram before Facebook made their incredible bid, so is this the reason that Twitpic have decided to release an app? According to Everet, this is not the case; he commented “Our goal is just to provide the best possible product for our users. As far as trying to position ourselves for acquisition by any particular service, that’s not our focus.”

We will have to watch this spacer in the coming months to see if twitpic’s audience grows to the heights of their previous 45.7% share of photos uploaded to twitter (2.25 million daily image) back in May 2011, before Twitter struck a deal with photobucket to have users upload directly without using a 3rd party service, and if this does indeed prompt twitter to make a bid for this service.

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